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It may be mentioned in the biblical book of Job , dated between the 7th and 4th centuries BC, although this is disputed.

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The constellation of Ursa Major has been seen as a bear by many distinct civilizations. One human pursues this ungulate. The hunt locates or get to the sky. The animal is alive when it is transformed into a constellation. It forms the Big Dipper". In Roman mythology , Jupiter the king of the gods lusts after a young woman named Callisto , a nymph of Diana.

Juno , Jupiter's jealous wife, discovers that Callisto has a son named Arcas, and believes it is by Jupiter.

La STORIA dei SOLDATI ITALIANI nella Seconda Guerra Mondiale

Callisto, while in bear form, later encounters her son Arcas. Arcas almost shoots the bear, but to avert the tragedy, Jupiter turns Arcas into a bear too and puts them both in the sky, forming Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. In ancient times the name of the constellation was Helike, "turning" , because it turns around the Pole. One of the few star groups mentioned in the Bible Job ; ; — Orion and the Pleiades being others , Ursa Major was also pictured as a bear by the Jewish peoples.

In Finnish language , the asterism is sometimes called with its old Finnish name, Otava. The meaning of the name has been almost forgotten in Modern Finnish; it means a salmon weir.

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Ancient Finns believed the bear Ursus arctos was lowered to earth in a golden basket off the Ursa Major, and when a bear was killed, its head was positioned on a tree to allow the bear's spirit to return to Ursa Major. According to one version of their myth, the first hunter Alioth is carrying a bow and arrow to strike down the bear. The second hunter Mizar carries a large pot — the star Alcor — on his shoulder in which to cook the bear while the third hunter Alkaid hauls a pile of firewood to light a fire beneath the pot.

The fact that the two front stars of the constellations point to the pole star is explained as the boon given to the boy sage Dhruva by Lord Vishnu. In Javanese , as known as "Bintang Kartika". In ancient Javanese this brightest seven stars are known as Lintang Wuluh , literally means "seven stars".

This star cluster is so popular because its emergence into the sky signals the time marker for planting. In South Korea, the constellation is referred to as "the seven stars of the north". In the related myth, a widow with seven sons found comfort with a widower, but to get to his house required crossing a stream. The seven sons, sympathetic to their mother, placed stepping stones in the river. Their mother, not knowing who put the stones in place, blessed them and, when they died, they became the constellation. In Shinto , the 7 largest stars of Ursa Major belong to Amenominakanushi , the oldest and most powerful of all kami.

Secondo una storia che risale a Eratostene , la costellazione rappresenta Arcas , figlio del dio Zeus e di Callisto , figlia del Re di Arcadia , Licaone. Zeus riconobbe facilmente la carne di suo figlio. Il poeta greco Arato di Soli descrisse Boote come un uomo che fa girare l'orsa attorno al polo.