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The focus on education is also urgently needed in the region. While it is difficult to establish whether these proposals on their own will lead to a stable, safe and prosperous region, they will certainly be a step in that direction.

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The Government's aims for the Summit is to get endorsement to a Declaration and an outcome-oriented Five Years Work Plan with concrete medium-term targets on essential economic, educational, governance and migration reforms. Measurement should be based on performance across all areas to ensure a comprehensive approach to development". Conclusion And it is equally plain that, after ten years, the proposed re-focussing is required.

The Government regards the level of ambition in the Commission's proposals as well-pitched. Some might regard them as very challenging, particularly regarding liberalisation of trade and services and in effectively linking aid and performance, especially in areas of good governance.

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The Minister suggests that, even then, they will not suffice, and will require more whole-hearted commitment than hitherto if the verdict in five years time is to differ from the present one "the success of the partnership in promoting stability and growth in the region is questionable". Nonetheless, the issues are clearly ones that need to be addressed if the pressures that lead to instability and exodus from the region are to be relieved, and Member States have not only a real interest but can also play a central role.

We should be grateful if the Minister would write to us after the event with his assessment of the extent to which they have or have not been attained.

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Annex 1: Timeline for Key Initiatives [ 43 ] - The Euro-Med partners should launch regional negotiations, on a voluntary basis, on the liberalisation of services and establishment. The Governance of Migration within the Union The EU acquis on asylum and immigration is fragmented in i intergovernmental treaties concluded under public international law, ii legally non-binding intergovernmental resolutions and conclusions, iii an increasing number of supranational instruments adopted under Title IV of the Amsterdam and Nice Treaties, and iv a wide array of public and confidential documents adopted in the framework of implementation bodies such as the Schengen and Dublin Executive Committees.

Since then, the external dimension has become the most dynamic aspect of cooperation in asylum and immigration matters.

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The Commission initiative on ide Eu ope goes a k to the European Council meeting in Copenhagen in December where the EU Heads of State and Government decided that the Union should enhance relations with its neighbors in order to a oid e di idi g li es i Eu ope a d to promote stability and prosperity within and beyond the new borders of the Union La e e 00 , Migration and asylum are basically tackled in JHA at the EU level, and have moved towards the external dimension in the last few decades. Association Agreements with Readmission Clauses The fight against irregular immigration has early developed on an external dimension Lavenex , In the ENP, the most important hierarchical instrument has been the inclusion of conditional readmission clauses in the newer generation of Association Agreements Lavenex , Thus the EU has engaged in intergovernmental bargaining with ENP countries on JHA, such as readmission by offering them financial aid or visa facilitation in return for co-operation Lavenex et al.

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  5. Whereas with Ukraine and Moldova, agreements could be negotiated in exchange for visa facilitations, the Mediterranean ENP countries have hitherto rejected any binding commitments, thereby forcing the EU to resort to alternative modes of interaction Lavenex , Glo al approa h to i igratio launched in that takes over some ideas first developed by Morocco and proclaims a pan-African strategy of immigration management Lavenex , Externalization of Border Control European Border Agency Frontex, which was established in , has concluded working arrangements with Russia and Ukraine, and informal contacts have been established with Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and Lebanon Lavenex , European Union Lavenex, S.

    A go e a e pe spe tive on the European neighborhood policy: integration e o d o ditio alit?

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    Journal of European Public Policy 15 6 : — Modes of e te al go e a e: a oss-national and cross-se to al o pa iso , Journal of European Public Policy 16 6 : — Close this message. Author: Carole Billet. Keywords: readmission agreements ; irregular immigration ; cooperation with third states ; Lisbon Treaty ; readmission clauses. Article price:.

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    Add to Cart. Rent on DeepDyve. Abstract As the EU becomes the focal point of immigration in the world, it faces a growing number of irregular immigrants in addition to regular immigrants.