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They are not the results of liturgical technology.

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  • The Didascalia: A Sometimes Humorous Look at the Liturgy of the Early Church - Community in Mission!
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They are both within us and beyond us. They are not empty containers into which we pour our intentions at will. They are cups brimming over. To eat scrambled eggs and sausage before hustling off to Sunday Mass is not to feel the stirring in the pit that finds its first satisfaction in the bread of angels. To the mind of the technocrat, for whom the created world is so much inert stuff to process, one cog is interchangeable with another. Neither has any significance.

English Coptic Orthodox Liturgy - Fr. Antonious Tanious

To the mind of the social technocrat, one person is interchangeable with another, one sex is interchangeable with another, one bodily act is interchangeable with another. For the body is just stuff. For such a constricted mind, there is no poetry to existence. A woman in robes in front of the altar is the same as a man — there is no ineluctable symbolism to her childlike voice or his broad shoulders. White is the same as black, a dandelion is the same as a lily, chat is the same as silence.

What are we left with? Intellectualism that stultifies, rationalism that is unreasonable, humanism that is inhumane, historicism that knows no history, utilitarianism that falls apart, conviviality that stifles, corporatism that denies the body, spirituality that denies the soul; narcissism without the beauty of Narcissus, worldliness without a world to be worldly in; words without the Word, time without eternity, man without man, man without God.

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Toggle navigation. Books Received View List. Liturgy of the Body. Anthony Esolen Thursday, December 4, I was recently flying to Illinois to speak at a new and splendid educational initiative for boys — about which more in a forthcoming essay.

"Looking like a Catholic church": Liturgy, Architecture, Form, and Function - PrayTellBlog

All rights reserved. For reprint rights, write to: info frinstitute. For CreedCodeCult. Brought up in a Baptist church, Stellman became a missionary in Europe for Calvary Chapel after college. He and his wife helped start a Presbyterian Church in Southern California some time later.

In , Stellman was introduced to serious arguments for the Catholic faith. He studied scriptural passages on church authority, the early church fathers, and St.

The more Stellman read, the more he was drawn to the Catholic Church. Last year, he announced to his church that he was leaving to become Catholic. Leaving one church for another is not easy. For Gingerich and Cone, the decision was difficult on a family and community level. Stellman had to tell his church—a church he planted and ministered, and which his family still attends—that he could no longer serve as their pastor.

Yet all three say the high church has presented them with a sense of community they would not have experienced otherwise. For Gingerich, the seasons of feasting and fasting taught him to suffer and celebrate with the church in a way he had never experienced.

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Their priest drives an hour to their house for confession, knowing how difficult it is for them to make the drive. Many Protestant churches have noticed these congregational trends and their loss of numbers. Some are adopting a more liturgical style to draw in younger audiences: the new book Gathering Together , by Christian theology professor Steve Harmon, describes a Baptist denominational move towards a greater liturgical focus. Gingerich argues that such stylistic treatments dodge the real question: the issues of church authority behind the traditional liturgy.

What's The Big Deal About The Liturgy? (Part 1: Basic Grammar)

Nelson believes a sacramental hunger lies at the heart of what many millennials feel. In the offering up of the bread and wine, we see the offering up of the wheat and grain and fruits of the earth, and God gives them back in a sanctified form. The liturgy is a historical way in which that happens. The millennial generation is seeking a holistic, honest, yet mysterious truth that their current churches cannot provide.

Where they search will have large implications for the future of Christianity.

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Protestant churches that want to preserve their youth membership may have to develop a greater openness toward the treasures of the past. Gracy Olmstead is a writer and journalist located outside Washington, D. Follow Gracy on Twitter GracyOlmstead. January 14, am Gracy Olmstead. Latest Articles Politics.